The Carinthian Slovenes
# Expulsion 1942

The situation deteriorated radically in the aftermath of the German invasion of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Slovenian cultural associations were banned, savings and credit banks along with cooperatives closed down, Slovenian institutions plun-dered or demolished, and books destroyed. Slovenian priests and intellectuals were expelled from the bilingual areas. On 14 April 1942, 917 Slovenians were expelled from their homes and deported to camps in Germany. Because of the Nazis' critical military situation, no more mass expulsions were executed.


Camp in Ebental/érelec near Klagenfurt
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Camp in Ebental/érelec near Klagenfurt.

Expellees (Rehnitz Camp) Rehnitz Camp
Hesselberg Camp Expellees returning home
Sit down-strike of expellees, July 1945 Demonstration, 1947

The Expulsion of the Carinthian Slovenes, 1942