Right-Wing Extremism
# Introduction
Young People and Right-Wing Extremism
Traditional Right-Wing Extremism

The concepts of »Volk« (people) and of a conflict-free »Volksgemein-schaft« (people’s community) are central to right-wing ideology. Real conflicts of interest have to take second place behind the interests of the entire »Volk.« Evident differences are frequently explained as »natural« in the sense of the superiority of the stronger (Social Darwinism). Anything that might disturb the harmony of the »Volksgemeinschaft« is fought against: labor movement, liberalism, emancipatory movements on the part of women and other disadvantaged groups of the population, and not least, parliamentary democracy. The goal is a strong state run by a »Führer« (leader).

Foreigners, the »others,« must remain outside of this community of »common origin.« Peoples as well as persons of different cultural background or skin color should remain separated (ethnopluralism), any mixing of peoples or »races« is seen as a threat. The premise that Germans or white-skinned people are superior results in the debasement of other peoples and persons of different skin colors (racism). Different groups such as foreigners, linguistic or religious minorities, non-whites, and persons of different nationalities are made responsible for the problems of society (scapegoating). In particular, the negative consequences of globalization are explained by the alleged existence of, for instance, Jewish conspiracies (anti-Semitism).

The glorification of the German people renders it difficult to perceive any wrongdoing on their part. The crimes of the Nazis, especially the murder of the Jews, are played down, denied, or an alleged »good side« of National Socialism is emphasized (»revisionism«). The  political style of the extreme Right is charac-terized by violence, albeit usually in form of verbal threats.

Primarily militant extreme right-wing or neo-Nazi groups take the step to physical violence. Right-wing extremism appears in varying forms and contexts: as organized groups or political parties, in the special subculture of the skinheads and in various musical styles, and, of course, in the attitudes of individuals.


Commemorative meeting for Walter Novotny
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Commemorative meeting of the extreme right-wing and neo-Nazi scene on 1 Novem-ber 2004 in Vienna’s Central Cemetery for Walter Nowotny, a major in the Luftwaffe and Nazi killed in 1944.

»Day of United Germany«
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The right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis constantly propagate the re-establishment of the German Reich within the borders of 1939, including Austria.

»Halt« Flysheet (NPD)
»88« »14 Words«
Combat 18

Right-Wing Extremism