Right-Wing Extremism
Young People and Right-Wing Extremism
# Traditional Right-Wing Extremism

A central place in the spectrum of right-wing extremism is taken by organizations that are considered to be cultural or traditional associations. As politically and ideologically integrating groups, they play a significant role in the communication of right-wing extremist ideas. Some of them were supporting or sympathizing with the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria). Among others, the following groups and associations should be mentioned: Aula Publishers with its magazine Die Aula, which is supported by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freiheitlicher Akademikerverbände, Österreichische Landsmannschaft with its publication Der Eckart (formerly Der Eckartbote), the association Kameradschaft IV and the magazine Die Kameradschaft, which is sympathizing with the latter. The editorial circle of the newspaper Die Umwelt and the Kritische Demokraten with their monthly fakten are of certain significance as well.


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In demanding a »New Order« for Europe, the neo-Nazis vehemently reject the EU and describe it as a »dictator-ship.«

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Traditional Right-Wing Extremism