Deportations of Jews
First Deportations 1939
»General Gouvernement«
Lodz ghetto
# »Reichskommissariat Ostland«
»Operation Reinhard«
Flight, Emigration and Death
Demography 1938-1945
Deportations to the »Reichskommissariat Ostland,« 1941/42

The »Reichskommissariat Ostland« was an administrative unit of the »Greater German Reich« created in July 1941, which included the former Baltic States Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia as well as the major part of western Belarus.

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Kowno (Kaunas/Kauen)

Extract from the deportee list of transport No. 11 from Vienna to KaunasOn 23 November 1941 a deportation transport with 1000 Jewish men, women and children on board left from Vienna Aspang Station. However, this transport never arrived in Riga, its original destination.

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The Schneider familyIn Riga, the capital of Latvia which was annexed by the Soviet Union in 1940, there lived 43,600 Jews in 1935, which corresponded to 11.3 percent of the population. Excesses directed against the Jewish population followed immediately after the invasion by German troops on 1 July 1941.

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Extract from the deportee list of transport No. 12 from Vienna to MinskOn 28 November 1941 a deportation train left Vienna Aspang Station with 999 Jewish men, women and children on board. The train's destination was the White Russian capital Minsk, which had been part of the »Reichkommissariat Ostland« since the invasion by German troups.

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Maly Trostinec

Rudolf and Hildegard BergmannAfter the first phase of deportations from the Reich and »Protectorate« to Minsk had been concluded in November 1941, 16 trains with more than 15,000 people from Vienna, Königsberg, Terezín/Theresienstadt and Cologne arrived in Minsk between May and October 1942.

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»Reichskommissariat Ostland«