Austria 1918-1938
# 1933

4 March 1933
Allegedly self-inflicted paralysis of the Austrian parliament on the occasion of the resignation of the three Speakers of the House. The government intentionally ignores the possibility of recourse to constitutional measures to solve the parliamentary crisis.

7 March 1933
The beginning of the authoritarian regime based on an emergency act from 1917 – restriction of freedom of the press, ban on marches and public meetings.

31 March 1933
Countrywide ban of Socialist self-defense corps Republikanischer Schutzbund.

23 April 1933
Nazi electoral gains at the local elections in Innsbruck, with 41.1% of the vote now strongest party.

20 May 1933
Foundation of the Vaterländische Front, an allegedly nonpartisan mass organization of all Austrians »loyal to the government.«

26 May 1933
Austrian Communist Party outlawed.

27 May 1933
The Nazi government in Germany issues  the »Tausendmarksperre« (Thousand Mark Ban) against Austria: German citizens travelling to Austria have to pay a fee of 1000 Reichmarks.  Massive losses in the tourist industry. Onset of Nazi terrorist acts in Austria.

29 May 1933
Street fighting in Innsbruck between members of the Heimwehr and Nazi students, 43 injured. Army called in to restore order.

June 1933
During eighteen days of the month Nazi terrorist attacks of various kinds – »firecracker« or bomb explosions, arson, etc.

12 June 1933
A series of Nazi bomb attacks all over Austria.

19 June 1933
The NSDAP is banned.

24 June 1933
Nazi bomb attacks on the Vienna tram system and on the railway near Mürzzuschlag (Styria), "firecracker" explosions in Gmunden (Upper Austria) and Oberwölz (Styria).

19–20 August 1933
Third visit of Federal Chancellor Dollfuß to Mussolini, at Riccione. Dollfuß promises a tough course against the Social Democrats.

11 September 1933
Mass meeting of the Vaterländische Front at the Vienna Trabrennplatz (racing course). Programmatic speech by Dollfuß on the establishment of an authoritarian corporate state against Capitalism, Liberalism, Marxism, National Socialism, and the parliamentary system.

23 September 1933
Decree on the erection of internment camps for political prisoners, in Wöllersdorf and at other sites.

30 October 1933
Extraordinary Social Democratic Party Congress deletes the passage on the union with Germany from its program.

10 November 1933
Reintroduction of capital punishment.


Destroyed shop
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The destroyed shop of the Jewish jeweller Norbert Futterweit

Dollfuß with Mussolini at Riccione
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Federal Chancellor Dollfuß with Mussolini at Riccione.

Reintroduction of the death penalty Engelbert Dollfuß