Austria 1918-1938
# 1934

Late January–early February 1934
New wave of Nazi bomb attacks.

12–16 February 1934
Civil war in Austria, deployment of the military with heavy weapons, the Social Democratic party, their trade unions, and all other Social Democratic organizations are banned. Mass arrests, special courts, death sentences executed.

1 May 1934
Proclamation of new constitution.

May–June 1934
Countrywide wave of Nazi terror, widespread arrests of Nazis and their internment in Wöllersdorf. Nazis fleeing to Germany join the Österreichische Legion (Austrian legion) formed there in July 1933.

25 July 1934
Failed Nazi putsch in Austria, Chancellor Dollfuß murdered.

26 July 1934
Italy mobilizes because of Nazi putsch in Austria.

29 July 1934
New Austrian cabinet led by Kurt Schuschnigg.

21 August 1934
Federal Chancellor Schuschnigg visits Mussolini in Florence and both pledge to strengthen Austro-Italian cooperation.



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Social Democrats and left-wing participants of the fighting during the Civil War being arrested by police in Vienna.

Federal Chancellor Dollfuß and his staff Schlinger-Hof, Vienna, February 1934
Wöllersdorf Internment Camp Illegal commemorative meeting (RS)
Illegal Nazi propaganda Bridge blown up by illegal Nazis
Confiscated Explosives Dollfuß (corpse)
One of the Nazi putsch participants is arrested Members of the Nazi »Austrian Legion«