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# Mass Spectacles
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Nazi propaganda was adept at creating mass enthusiasm by staging many public and internal party rallies with decorated trucks, choirs, music, consecration of the flag, standardized uniforms, and the ubiquitous Swastika. The public displays used elements from Christian liturgy, from the tradition of the labor movement, and from military history, thus producing an almost religious »we-feeling.« Mass spectacles were accorded special status by the Nazi regime. It had destroyed all institutions and control mechanisms founded on the rule of law. In the place of the democratic process, the regime mobilized emotions and generated mass experience, leading the people to believe that the mass spectacles were an expression of popular will.


Hitler in Vienna, April 1938
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Hitler traveling through Vienna on 8 April 1938. The National Socialist propaganda machinery turned this into a scriptlike, thoroughly planned mass event.

Mass Spectacles