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# The Myth of Economic Revival
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The economic and social improvements promised by the Nazis seemed to be taking place in the year following the »Anschluss.« Unemployment figures dropped because of public works programs and rapidly implemented investments. Furthermore, 100,000 engineers and skilled workers emigrated to Germany and thousands of Jews lost their jobs, resulting in a further reduction in unemployment. The buying power of the Austrian population was boosted by special payments of wages and salaries, reductions in prices, and the introduction of benefits for families or the granting of loans to the newly weds. However, immediately after the annexation, the reserves of the Austrian National Bank were transferred to the Reichsbank in Berlin. With the outbreak of World War II, this particular economic growth based on war preparation measures and rearmament ended.


Viennese workers  in Berlin
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On 22 March 1938, 2000 Viennese workers arrived in Berlin.

»Bavarian Hilfszug« in Vienna »Bavarian Hilfszug« in Vienna
»Bavarian Hilfszug« in Vienna »Bavarian Hilfszug« in Vienna

The Myth of Economic Revival