Persecution of Jews
The »Anschluss Pogrom«
The »Aryanizations«
The Expulsion
November Pogrom
# Until the Onset of the Deportations
Robbery of the Last Belongings
Jewish Community
»Legal« Anti-Semitism

Schulklasse Chajes-Gymnasium, 1938Only a few days following the »Anschluss« , the first decrees and laws were issued to remove the Jews from Austria’s public, cultural, and economic life.

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Dismissals and Notices to Vacate

Most Jewish laborers and employees lost their workplace immediately following the »Anschluss.«

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Forced Labor

During the war preparations a critical labor shortage – especially in road construction – became apparent already by late 1938/early 1939.

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After the Outbreak of the War

The outbreak of the war provided the NS-regime with a useful opportunity to speed up its anti-Jewish policy.

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Until the Onset of the Deportations