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# Resistance by Individuals

Besides an organized resistance, there existed an abundance of resistance activi-ties by individuals as well as passive resistance and social protest behavior. The scope ranged from »treacherous« statements (e.g., Hitler jokes) through prohibited listening to foreign broadcasts up to sabotage and aid for the persecuted. This non-organized, frequently spontaneous resistance was also severely prosecuted by the police and the courts. Among the seemingly »apolitical« forms of opposition are loafing, pretending illness, various forms of breaching labor agreements as well as young people's rejection of norms and demands of the NS-system through deliberately different behavior – in clothing, haircut, music, etc. Church going, processions, pilgrimages, protest against the removal of crucifixes, keeping of abolished holidays and such were part of the rural »resistance behavior.«


Ladislaus Döry
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The concert pianist and composer Ladislaus Döry was sentenced to death »for undermining military strength«. The execution was suspended.

Stefan Valentinotti Death sentence
Franz Toifl Dorothea Neff
The family Langthaler Report of the Gestapo in Vienna

Resistance by Individuals, Resistance Behavior