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The central party organization of the Revolutionary Socialists (RS) acting in the underground as the successor of the Social Democratic party, prohibited in the years 1934–1938, could not be maintained following the »Anschluss,« not in the least because informers and traitors turned numerous activists over to the Gestapo. The remaining activists, among them many women, concentrated their activities on aiding the persecuted and their relatives. The representatives of the Austrian Socialists in Paris distanced themselves from Karl Renner's »Yes« to the referendum of 10 April 1938. Their goal was to transform National Socialist Germany into a Socialist Germany. Only in the course of the war, the Socialists relinquished their Greater Germany tradition and aimed at the reestablishment of a (democratic-Socialist) Austria in a free Europe.

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Rosa Jochmann
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The leading Socialist functionary and member of the resistance Rosa Jochmann (1901–1994) was an inmate of Ravensbrück concentration camp.

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