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The Communist party (KPÖ), experienced in the political underground already since 1933, rejected the »Anschluss« unconditionally and demanded the reestablish-ment of an independent and democratic Austria. The events of March 1938, the flight and arrests of numerous functionaries resulted in interruptions of the underground work. Especially functionaries returning from abroad on orders of the party leadership tried to rebuild the organizations. However, many of the activists fell victim to NS-persecution. The often rather considerable resistance groups in enterprises were mostly initiated by Communists as well. Overall, the Communists have to be regarded as the most active force in resistance.

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Illegal postcard of the KPÖ
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Illegal postcard of the KPÖ, April 1939, against the Nazi occupation of Europe.

Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky Herbert Eichholzer
Richard Zach Viennese football team »Olympia 33«
Youth group from the Vienna Czech community Karl Hudomalj

Communist Resistance