Roma and Sinti
# Roma Settlements
»Gypsy Camps«
Deportation to Lodz
After 1945

Before 1938, 30 to 300 inhabitants lived in each of Burgenland’s 130 Roma settlements, most of them located in southern Burgenland and on the outskirts of villages. These settlements had been built mostly on municipal grounds in the 19th century, but the buildings had not been entered in the land register on their owners’ names. In the wake of the deportation of the »Gypsies,« almost all of the about 1300 buildings were destroyed. After 1945 the survivors were unable to prove to have ever owned a house and, therefore, did not receive restitution. Also 470,000 m2 real estate were partially confiscated, partially they became, as heirless assets, property of the Republic of Austria after 1945 or else the names of their murdered owners appear in the land registers to this day. Only from 1995 onward, the survivors or their heirs received a symbolic restitution of approxi-mately 5000 Euro from the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism.


»Gypsy colony« in Unterschützen
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»Gypsy colony« in Unterschützen.

»Gypsy colony« in Dobersdorf »Gypsy colony« in Bernstein
»Gypsy colony« in Mörbisch

The Roma Settlements of Burgenland