Roma and Sinti
Roma Settlements
»Gypsy Camps«
# Deportation to Lodz
After 1945
Between 4 and 8 November 1941, 5007 Austrian »Gypsies« – mainly persons unfit for work, among them 2689 children – were deported to Lodz. There the »Gypsy camp« consisted of just one housing block. When epidemic typhus broke out, the National Socialist camp administration refused the distribution of medicine and hundreds perished. To prevent the spread of the epidemic to the Jewish ghetto and the city, all inmates of the »Gypsy camp« still alive were murdered in the Chelmno extermination camp between end of December 1941 and early January 1942.

Download:  Text of the order of deportation of 5000 »Gypsies« to the ghetto in Lodz, which the Nazis renamed Litzmannstadt.


Deportation to the Ghetto in Lodz