Roma and Sinti
Roma Settlements
»Gypsy Camps«
Deportation to Lodz
# After 1945

Approximately 9500 Austrian »Gypsies« fell victim to National Socialism. The official data collected on the number of the surviving »Gypsies« after 1945 are similarly problematic as those of the interwar period because of the arbitrariness of the stigmatization. In a document from Burgenland dated 7 February 1952 there is a reference that »in 1948 under the pretense to register all victims of NS-terror […] a census of all Gypsies residing in Burgenland« had taken place. The police counted 870 »Gypsies,« of whom 636 had survived various concentration camps. Liberation, however, did not spell the end of discrimination and harassment by the authorities for Romas and Sintis. The regional government of Lower Austria, for instance, informed warningly about an imminent new »Gypsy scourge« on 28 June 1945. Also the »Gypsy registration« required since 1888 was continued until the late 1950s. The remark by the Department for Public Security of September 1948 that »Gypsies« would frequently pretend to have been former concentration camp inmates, denied the survivors the status of victim of National Socialism.


Amtsvermerk 1952
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Many of the survivors preferred, if possible, not to declare themselves »Gypsies.«

»Gypsy Policy« after 1945