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In Styria about 700 male »Gypsies« were forced to do road construction works, the prisoners of the Salzburg Maxglan camp were employed in the regulation of the Glan river and as extras in the Riefenstahl Film G.m.b.H. In early 1941 approximately 300 so-called »Gypsies« from all over Upper Austria were taken to the St. Pantaleon-Weyer camp and used for drainage works. The largest »Gypsy camp« was established in Lackenbach, Burgenland, on 23 November 1940. The individuals interned there had to perform forced labor despite abysmal food, accommodation, and hygiene. On 1 November 1941, the number of prisoners reached its peak with 2335 persons, one third of them children. Two thousand inmates were deported to Lodz in November 1941. From 1940 until 1945 at least 237 persons perished in the Lackenbach camp. Only 300 to 400 prisoners lived to witness the liberation of the camp in April 1945.


Download:  Report on the dissolution of the »Gypsy camp« in Salzburg, 5 April 1943.

Prisoners in the Salzburg-Maxglan Camp
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Prisoners in the Salzburg-Maxglan Camp.

Deportation of Roma and Sinti Registration card, Lackenbach
List of »Gypsies« »Gypsy camp« St. Pantaleon-Weyer
»Gypsies« in the labor camp in Steyrermühl

»Gypsy Camps« in Austria