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Eugenics was developed in the late 19th century with the goal to improve the genetic makeup of humans through the systematic enhancement of »valuable« individuals and the exclusion from reproduction of supposedly hereditarily »inferior« ones. In Germany, the nationalistic-racist (völkische) right in particular propagated under the designation »racial hygiene« a radicalized form of eugenics. In 1920 the lawyer Karl Binding and the psychiatrist Alfred Hoche talked for the first time about the »eradication« of the »mentally ill.« In Austria the »Viennese Society for Racial Hygiene,« established in 1925, spread these ideas. The National Socialists paved the way for their crimes against allegedly »inferior« individuals through documentaries and feature movies and even texts in school books.


Propaganda film »Ich klage an«
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In 1941 Wolfgang Liebeneiner made the propaganda film »Ich klage an« in cooperation with the »T4« office, to suggest that »mercy killings« of the severely ill was a desirable development.

Poster on racialist eugenics Diagram
Extract from a mathematics book

Eugenics and Racial Hygiene