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# Children Euthanasia
Operation »T4«
»Wild Euthanasia«
After 1945

In 1939 a cover organization was established in the »chancellery of the Führer« for the purpose of the systematic annihilation of disabled children. Physicians and midwives were required to report all cases of disabilities to the health authorities, who in turn arranged for the sending of those affected to clandestine killing centers, so-called »pediatric departments.« In the pediatric department »Am Spiegelgrund« in Vienna, existing since 1 July 1940, at least 789 children were murdered. In addition, hundreds of children and young people were locked up in the NS-correctional institution »Am Spiegelgrund« on the grounds of being »difficult to educate« or »asocial.« However, anyone who was considered at »Am Spiegel-grund« to be »impossible to educate,« was liable to be sent to »juvenile camps,« which were similar to concentration camps.


Ward in »Am Steinhof«,
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Ward in »Am Steinhof«, December 1938.

Ernst Illing Heinrich Gross
»Commemorative room« (Otto Wagner hospital) Hans Krenek

Children Euthanasia and Correctional Education