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# After 1945

In 1945/46, NS-perpetrators were subjected to resolute criminal prosecutions. Ernst Illing, the head of the pediatric clinic »Am Spiegelgrund,« was sentenced to death by the Viennese People’s Court in 1946 and executed as was Franz Niedermoser, responsible for the mass murder in the Klagenfurt institution. Finally, the social reintegration of former National Socialists soon brought about the discontinuation of the criminal prosecutions of NS-medical perpetrators as well. Thus, Prof. Dr. Hans Bertha, one of the main responsibles for the NS-euthanasia in Austria and the pediatrician Dr. Heinrich Gross were able to escape their court sentences.

The victims of these physicians found recognition only as late as 1995 with the establishment of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism. Following protracted efforts, a.o. also by the DOEW, the surviving children from »Am Spiegelgrund« were finally recognized for victims’ relief as were in 2005 the victims of the forced sterilizations.


Doctors from Spiegelgrund in the dock
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Doctors from Spiegelgrund in the dock, »Neues Österreich«, 16 July 1946.

Nuremberg doctors’ trial (1945–46) Newspaper article on Heinrich Gross, 1978
Mauthausen trial Georg Renno
War Crimes Investigation Team

Victim and Perpetrator after 1945