Nazi Medicine
Eugenics / Racial Hygiene
# NS-Forced Sterilization
Children Euthanasia
Operation »T4«
»Wild Euthanasia«
After 1945

The first racial-hygienic measure of the NS-regime was the state-ordered sterili-zation of the »hereditarily diseased.« After the registration of the potential victims by the health authorities and heads of the psychiatric institutions, pseudo-proceedings followed before the »hereditary health court« consisting of NS-physicians and -lawyers. Medical diagnoses frequently were based on social value judgements. The sterilizations took place in specially authorized public hospitals. In Austria, about 5000 individuals were affected by these measures.


»Völkischer Beobachter« (December 1938)
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Propaganda article in the Nazi newspaper »Völkischer Beobachter,« December 1938.

Text of the law (14 July 1933) to prevent genetically defective offspring

NS-Forced Sterilization