Nazi Medicine
Eugenics / Racial Hygiene
NS-Forced Sterilization
Children Euthanasia
Operation »T4«
»Wild Euthanasia«
# Resistance
After 1945

Euthanasia elicited resistance especially from those affected and their relatives, but also from clerical circles. The massive, in part public, protests by the church led Hitler to discontinue Operation »T4« on 24 August 1941. This, however, had no effect on the continuation of other existing euthanasia programs (NS-children euthanasia, Operation »14f13«) and the development of new ones (decentralized institutional murder or »wild euthanasia,« »Ostarbeiter«).


Anna Wödl and her son
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Anna Wödl with her handicapped son Alfred whom she tried desperately to save. The six-year old was murdered in Spiegelgrund on 22 February 1941.

Clemens August Graf von Galen Anna Bertha von Königsegg
Flysheet of the KPÖ Viktor Frankl

Resistance and Opposition